Hotmail Sign Up – How to Create Hotmail Account

02 Oct

On the off chance that you join at Hotmail, you would likewise have the capacity to utilize all item benefit from Microsoft. In this way, in the event that you need to utilize this astonishing Email administration of Hotmail you need to join at Hotmail/Microsoft live, we will demonstrate to you best practices to get joined at Hotmail well ordered. You simply need to utilize our portrayed procedure for every gadget.

Hotmail is a result of Microsoft. Hotmail was one of the principal free Email suppliers ever. It was established in 1996 with their beginning name, Hotmail. It was purchased by Microsoft in 1997 with assessed $400 million. At that point Microsoft transforms Hotmail into MSN Hotmail. After that occurrence, they make a brand named, Windows Live Hotmail on old Hotmail item. They have included Hotmail in Microsoft live item right now. Presently Microsoft has named It Outlook.

Hotmail Sign Up for PC

If you are using your personal computer to sign in at Hotmail, then maintain those simple steps:

Step 1: At first, create a secure and working net connection at your computer. Then go to your web browser and search for Microsoft Hotmail. Or you can also get entered direct, just copy and paste, or at the URL bar of your browser.

Step 2: After that, you will get the official homepage of Hotmail/Outlook. On the page, you will see an option named Create Account. Click on that option to create new Microsoft account.

Click on the Create account to get more option

Step 3: Then you will get all option to create your Hotmail account. At first enter a new email address that you wants to set your new Hotmail email.

Note: You can select your email address extension( by clicking the down-side arrow.

Select a new email address for your hotmail account

Step 4: Now, set a new password for your new Hotmail email account. Your password must include minimum 8 words. Also, add uppercase and number to your password to make it stronger. Click on Next.

Note: If you want to get promotional emails from Microsoft, check-in to the option below the password field.

Set a new password for your hotmail account

Step 5: Enter the first name and the last name of yours. It will get used to your new Outlook/Hotmail account. Then click on Next button to get more option.

Set the first name and the last name for your new hotmail email account

Step 6: Now select your Country from the first drop-down menu. Then enter your Birthdate(MM/DD/YY) and click on Next.

Select your Country and Birthdate

Step 7: Select the Country code and enter your phone number. Click the Send code option to get a security code.

Add your current phone number

Step 8: Check your provided phone number, and you will get a security code from Microsoft. Enter the code at the next option. Tap on Next button.

Enter the verification code that you have got at your mobile

Step 9: Congratulation, you have created your New Hotmail/Outlook account. Here you will get the welcome screen of Outlook.

You will get this welcome screen at Hotmail after creating new account

All work has done. Now you have to set your language options to get comfortable at new Hotmail. If you have a mobile device, then you can also create a new account from mobile.

Hotmail Sign Up on Mobile Device

If you have a mobile device and, willing to get signed up on your mobile device, there’s also a way. Just use the provided login process on your mobile to create a new Hotmail/Outlook mail account.

Step 1: First of all, configure a valid and working net connection at your mobile device. Then open your browser and search for Hotmail or copy or paste, or into our mobile browser.

Step 2: Then you will get an initial screen of Hotmail. Just click on the Sign up the option to get more option to create a new account.

Create new hotmail account on your mobile

Step 3: Set email address for your new Hotmail/Outlook account. Once it did, click on Next.

Selecting new email address

Step 4: Create a new & strong password for your new account. After that, click on Next option.

Note: If you want to get promotional emails from Microsoft, you can check the next option of the password. If not, leave it blank.

Add new password for your hotmail account

Step 5: Enter the first name and last name of yours. Then tap on the Next button.

Enter you first and last name

Step 6: Add your country & birthdate. After providing that information, click Next.

Step 7: Enter your phone number and verify your account that it!

Verify your phone number on Hotmail

Note: you can check on that extra option if you want to get promotional offers from Microsoft.

Hotmail Sign Up on App

Hotmail is a portable account. You can use it anywhere from its new app. With this New Outlook app, you can complete your any work related to your Email. You can also use your Microsoft Outlook app to create new Microsoft account. Follow the steps to create new Microsoft/Hotmail account,

Step 1: At first download this Microsoft Outlook app from your device app store.

Download it for Android device here
Download it for iPhone here

Step 2: At first click/tap on Getting started button from starting screen of Microsoft Outlook.

Hotmail Sign Up

Step 3: Then give your primary Email address to linking with this app. Now click on Continue.

Hotmail Sign Up

Step 4: Then you will get Email linking confirmation. Click on Allow to get started.

Hotmail Sign Up

Step 5: Then you will get a page with two options. Click on LET’S DO IT, to create a new account. Then select your outlook account section and fill that important information to create new Hotmail/Outlook account.

Hotmail Sign Up

That’s it. You should get signed up with new outlook account on your own device. The process might vary with the device to device, but those basics are same. You can use this unit app on several platforms. It would increase your skill at communication and Email.

Here’s how you can sign up at Microsoft Hotmail on several platforms. It would help you in many ways.

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