Hotmail Signup – How To Create New Hotmail Account?

04 Oct

Hotmail is one of the most popular Webmail services provided by Microsoft. Every user can access this service via a web browser for free anywhere in the World. Using Microsoft Hotmail online email service, one can send email messages, documents, images, videos as well as a chat among other services. Not only that, Hotmail connects you with all the Microsoft services such as Xbox LIVE, Skype, OneDrive, etc. – What you just need is a Microsoft Hotmail Account. Well, if you don’t have one, then not a problem because we’ll show you a step-by-step guide on “How to do Hotmail Signup” and “How to create new Hotmail account”.

To create new Hotmail account is pretty simple, you have to just fill-up predefined form with your personal details and then verify your account by entering unique verification code received on your mobile number (If ask) to complete Hotmail Signup. That’s it! You’re ready with your new Hotmail account and now, you can do Hotmail Login for accessing Microsoft services. So, let’s move on to the step-wise procedure on Hotmail Signup – How To Create New Hotmail Account.

Hotmail Signup – How To Create New Hotmail Account?
Step 1: Click here to go to “Hotmail Signup page”.

Step 2: Once you are there, you will see “Hotmail Signup form” in which you have to enter your details. For an example, You can refer below screenshot.

Step 3: When you entered all the details, click on “Create Account” button to create a new Hotmail account.

Step 4: Voila! Your new Hotmail account has been created. In case, if your account has not been created then solve the displayed error on the page and then click on “Create Account” button again.

How To Do Hotmail Login?
Finally, by following the above procedure, you will have your own Hotmail account. So start using Microsoft services by logging in by entering your email and password in the Hotmail Login form. If you want to know how to do Hotmail Login then here is the detailed post.

Once you are into your Hotmail account, start your email conversation by sending email messages. Share images, videos, attachments and much more you can do with your Hotmail account. So, I hope this guide helped you to do Hotmail Signup to create new Hotmail account.

Open you Favourite Browser like firefox, chrome, Safari or opera.
And Need to go to the Hotmail official website by click here and you will get similar page as below image.

Then click on “Sign in” and automatically you will redirect to another web-page.
After that you have to enter your Email ID for instance “ or” and press NEXT.

Then type your password and click on SignIn button.

The Importance of Having Hotmail Login Email Account
Having email is a must nowadays, except if you don’t need internet at all. Since now is a digital era, everybody needs email. There are many free online email services that you can use, such as Yahoo mail, Gmail, and Microsoft Hotmail (or Outlook). Those are the most popular free online email services. That is why most people who constantly use internet are very familiar with them. You can just select one of them as your free online email provider or select all of them at once. Well, it is not forbidden to have more than one email, you know. Even, it is recommended to have more than one emails, in case your primary email is hacked or has been used once for making certain account and you want to make another one.

The services given by those free online email services are different from one to the others. Not only that, the login methods are usually different as well. However, no matter which one you choose, whether it is Yahoo mail, Gmail, or Microsoft Hotmail login, it is always available to be accessed through all kinds of internet browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera Browser, and so on. Even in this gadget era, all of those free online email services have made their own apps for each mobile platform. So, no matter what your smartphone is, whether it is Blackberry, Windows Phone, iPhone, or Android Phone, you will always be able to find the apps for those free online email services. Those apps are more easy to use because they simplify the interfaces of those email services, making them very user-friendly. Not only that, those apps enable the push mail feature, allowing those apps to notify you when a new message comes to your email. With all those advantages, it is not surprising if you are recommended to have such apps for your email solution.

Once you have an email from one of those free online email services, such as Hotmail login, then you can access so many things on the internet by making related accounts using the email. For example, you can start making a social media account, such as Facebook account and Twitter account. Not only that, you can also make accounts for many forums on the internet that you are interested in. It is because most of those sites require your personal data from your email to make sure that you are not someone who barges in and say something bad. Not only that, the Hotmail login is also needed as a security reason, for example, to verify whether the one who uses the account is you or another person. You will also be able to get the notifications of your account through your email so that you will be able to know when something important comes to your account. Well, those are the importance of email in this era. No matter how good you are at avoiding this, you will never get far without any single email account. So, if you still don’t have one, then just create one now for your own goodness.

Explore the more of the Digital World using Hotmail Login
These days, having a computer, laptop, gadget, or smart phone without having any single email address is like having a house without having the key to access it. That statement is true if we look at the fact that we live in the digital era right now. This era is called digital era because the internet has become a very common thing to most people. Once someone uses the internet continuously, he or she cannot go far without any email address. It is because the email address is not only for sending and receiving messages, but it is also for certain sites to verify you when you make accounts at those sites. You can take several social media for examples, such as Facebook or Twitter. When you make a Facebook account, you will surely be asked about your email address. Without an email address, you will never be able to make a Facebook account. There are many other examples of making accounts at certain websites that require an email address. That is why we say that email is a key to a house when it comes to the internet.

Fortunately, there are many free online email services out there that can provide you with email addresses. However, since there are many of them, sometimes we can be quite confused in choosing the one we will choose. In this case, you can try Microsoft Live Hotmail as your email service provider if you are bored with Yahoo mail and Gmail. It is because there are several advantages of Hotmail if compared to other free online email service providers, including Hotmail login and security. Yes, when you login with Hotmail, there is a system that can make your messages secure from some irresponsible hackers. Not only that, Hotmail also has a very user-friendly interface, making anyone new to the internet quite easy to understand how to use email. Hotmail is also able to recognize spams, so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of sending the spams on your email inbox to the oblivion everytime you open your email.

Once you have decided to use Hotmail as you free online email service provider, then you can just go to Hotmail website and make a new email account by following all of the instructions and filling in the forms provided. Once you have successfully created the email, then you can just do a Hotmail login to start accessing your email. From the dashboard, you can do several things that are quite common, such as composing new emails to be sent to other email addresses and checking your email inbox to see whether there are new emails or not. Once you have used this email address to make several website accounts, your inbox will surely filled with the information given by those websites. Not only that, you usually receive emails from those websites as well when you make those website accounts to verify your email address. Once that happens, you only need to do Hotmail login again, open the verification message, and click the verification button on the message. That is the example of making a website account using your email address. Good luck.

The Advantages of Hotmail Login
Email has become one of the most important instruments in web surfing and in jobs that require documents to be sent in digital forms, especially between people who are located far from each other. Even, the ones who are located near sometimes still prefer to share documents with each other through emails. That is how email plays its role these days. There are many free online email services, such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, and Hotmail. As for Hotmail, it is an email service from Microsoft, so that Hotmail login is very easy and familiar to Microsoft Windows users. That is why Microsoft Windows always comes with preinstalled Hotmail application which is called Outlook.

Hotmail Sign in: Hotmail or Outlook Offers Some Features
For those who had already known the 1990s technology must have been familiar with the webmail service called MSN Hotmail. This email service is not as popular as Gmail or Yahoo now, but it had so many users in the past. In 1997, Microsoft bought this Hotmail service. This Hotmail Sing in service had around 30 million active users. Therefore, Hotmail became the largest webmail service at that time.

Although Hotmail Sign in users from time to time to keep growing, but the Microsoft shut down the service. Yet, when Microsoft closed it, Hotmail users reached up to 300 million people worldwide. Instead, Microsoft now replaces Hotmail sign in into Indeed, Hotmail has officially been closed, but for those who want to use the extension as a, this email address can still be used.

What makes Hotmail Sign in or Outlook so special?

Certainly, each service has its advantages and disadvantages of each. For example, Gmail is superior to all of the services Google or Yahoo with a wide range of applications. Hotmail or Outlook also has some features. Here are some advantages of Hotmail sign in or Outlook:

Hotmail sign in has the ability to open and read and editing Office documents attached in the email body directly. It can also be done using all web browsers.
Hotmail has the ability to do the filtering of emails that have attachments which are then divided into categories photographs or office document.
You can use POP3 / SMTP email client as to the Hotmail email.
The storage capacity of up to 5 GB and can be expanded in accordance with the reasonable needs.
You can view pictures or video attachments in email view.
You can attach the document to the email body with sizes up to 25 MB.
Email Hotmail can also be connected with Facebook Chat using Messenger.
There are other features of Hotmail and will continue to grow.
Outlook can connect to the SkyDrive app for deviating various data, and then can connect either with the Skype application and video phone calls over the Internet.
How to Make Email Hotmail or Outlook?

As explained above, that Hotmail has officially been closed by Microsoft. But his name extensions of Hotmail Sign in can still be used and using Outlook to open the device. Therefore, to create a Hotmail email, it has the same steps as creating an Outlook account.

You can type in the address bar. If you type the URL then you will be redirected to the page You can also type or access and click Outlook at the top left corner. Either way, the whole URL above will lead you to log in to your Hotmail Sign in or Outlook. On the Outlook page, you can Sign up by clicking the Sign up Now in the bottom corner. Next, you can fill the data including your name, phone number, email, and much more. In summary, Hotmail Sign in or Outlook now becomes popular among the internet users. Most people use more than one email. They sometimes have a Gmail account as well as Hotmail account. As we know that both of the E-mail services are very popular so you can try the features offered.

What’s a Hotmail account?
Hotmail (now Outlook) is an electronic messaging service free, was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith and was in the service of the community in July 1996, was one of the first service providers, today it is one of the emails more popular on the web.

Why is Hotmail mail so popular?
his popularity came at an early age because his appearance was just when I started the digital era, service was great reception among the community, this pitting thousand of users believe their personal account email, in a quick, efficient way and free.

Change Hotmail to Outlook
In the 2013 Microsoft, the giant American owns Hotmail software company, announced that it would start to update the accounts of @hotmail, @live in a single account called outlook. This strategy was conducted to counter with direct competition from giant Internet Google, with its Gmail service, providing a better service.

The outlook appeared to provide great advantages to its users, because with an account have access to a lot of it services such as: Skype, SkyDrive, Office 2013, windows 8, ofice360, etc.

Hotmail was created by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith as “HoTMaiL” being one of the first services of electronic mail on the Internet. It was launched commercially on July 4, 1996, American Independence day, symbolizing “freedom” from ISP e-mail service. The limit of free storage was then 2 MB. Hotmail was sold to Microsoft in December of the year 97 and joined the services of MSN, being renamed then as MSN Hotmail. Thus it was gaining popularity because that was marketed for several markets international becoming more global mail service.

The Hotmail service was the world’s largest email at that time, with 324 million members, followed by Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, respectively. It was available in 36 different languages. In 2004, Google announced its own email, Gmail service. More storage space, speed, and flexibility of the interface, this new competitor was a blow for innovation in webmail. in similar to the interface of the Microsoft Outlook program, but more simplified. Its appearance is simple and resembles the design of Windows 8. This aspect allows you to see a 30 percent more messages than the previous messages from Hotmail. All ads are also eliminated. was described as “the first e-mail connected to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google and Skype service.” A change in the product, which responds to the need to gain ground in the supremacy of Gmail and adapt to a world of work in the cloud. offers a wide range of services that you can convince to have an account on We highlight some:

Social networks connects to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and can operate on them (emails, view photos, etc.) You can chat with Skype and Facebook contacts, and you can use the cloud (OneDrive). It also provides a platform that allows you to see the content and features of several sites including YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, and even the United States postal service. Finally, you can view YouTube videos without having to go to the page.

Integration with Office Web Apps brings integrated Office Web applications that allow you to view and edit documents in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel that is attached to the e-mail with a quality similar to Microsoft Desktop package. Users can open Office attachments directly from your browser, and save them in OneDrive. It is also possible to edit Office documents received and reply to the sender with the edited versions of the documents. In addition, users can send a maximum of 25 GB of Office documents (up to 50 MB each).

Hotmail has several potential advantages if compared to other free email services, such as Yahoo mail from Yahoo and Gmail from Google. Hotmail is able to recognize spams that are sent to your Hotmail email by some internet marketers or some irresponsible people so that you don’t have to sort those spams and pick them one by one to be deleted. It is quite useful if you use your email for your jobs frequently. Not only that, Hotmail also has a user-friendly interface that is good for those who are new to the internet, especially email. This is why if you are a starter in an email, then it is recommended to use Hotmail as your free online email service provider.

Hotmail is also famous for its high-security level. It has virus protection system that is supported by McAfee Security Service which includes personal Firewall Online Virus Scan, privacy protection service, and SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. So, whenever you access your Hotmail email through the internet with Hotmail login, the virus scan will surely scan your email to check whether there is virus or not, so that you can always feel safe from such harmful virus that can damage the documents, photos, and even videos that are sent to you through the email. The privacy protection service protects you from hackers and irresponsible people who use your personal data on your email so that you don’t have to worry about receiving unknown phone calls that try to trick your or offer you useless things.

As for SSL or Secure Sockets Layer, it is a communication protocol that makes sure the information you transfer is transferred to the right person even when you do Hotmail login. All of those data will be encrypted and sent again using the SSL connection, making them unreadable and unaccessible to all people. With such security system, Hotmail can make everyone who uses its free online email service feel safe about their documents. It is just like we expect from the product created by the biggest digital company in the world. As an addition, it is also recommended to have more than one email address, especially by using different email service providers because you can feel the difference when you do that. Not only that, you can think about the other email address as a backup in case your primary email service provider is down and unable to provide its service to you.

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