How to add your Hotmail account to Microsoft Outlook

29 May

Hotmail is one of the greatest free email suppliers on the web. They were around route before gmail was even an idea in anybody's mind. The one thing I see is that when individuals begin to utilize Microsoft Outlook they truly miss its highlights when they utilize electronic email.

Other free email suppliers like gmail give a POP3 association that permit programs like Microsoft Outlook get mail from your free record. POP3 is a convention that is generally bolstered by pretty much any email customer on the net. I don't think Microsoft at any point permitted this with Hotmail. It is plainly an advertising choice. Numerous individuals simply stop there. It is anything but difficult to expect that if there is no POP3, there is no real way to get the email from another program.

Open up Microsoft Outlook, and click on tools then E-Mail Accounts

In the email section of the displayed form, check the item that says “Add a new  Hotmail email account

Click next. Now you are shown a list of account types:

Select the HTTP server type and click next again

Enter all of your account information. Make sure the HTTP Mail service provider is set to Hotmail, and fill out your hotmail email address, login, and password.

Click next and you are finished!

Now in Microsoft Outlook you will see a new item named Hotmail – that is where all of your Hotmail messages will be located.

That’s all there is to it! Now you can easily read your Hotmail from Microsoft Outlook.

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