How to import emails from Hotmail to Gmail?

09 May

The Gmail offers a very useful option for those who have email accounts on Hotmail,   Yahoo ,  AOL or any other email service accounts or POP3 . This feature allows you to import all messages from your account, attached files and still your contact list. Microsoft'swebmail service now has a new name, Outlook .com, but the old Hotmail continues to run smoothly until second orders from the company.

Once you've enabled this feature, you'll be able to receive emails from your imported account directly from your Gmail inbox for 30 days. After this period of one month, this service will be unavailable because the intention of the company is the migration to its platform. Check below the step by step that TechTudo has prepared to teach you how to import email from to Gmail.

Step 1. Log in to Gmail and log in;

Step 2. Click the Options button at the top right and then Settings ;

Gmail settings (Photo: playback / Flávio Renato)Gmail settings (Photo: playback / Flávio Renato)

Step 3.  Now go to the Accounts and Import tab , as soon as you open click  Import messages and contacts will soon open a window (if not open, disable the pop-up blocker);

Gmail Account and Import Gmail (Photo: reproduction / Flávio Renato)

Gmail Account and Import Gmail (Photo: reproduction / Flávio Renato)

Step 4.  In the window that opened, insert your email and then your password;

Import options in Gmail (Photo: reproduction / Flávio Renato)

Import options in Gmail (Photo: reproduction / Flávio Renato)

Step 5. Right after confirming your email and password, you will go to the Import Settings where you have the options to import contacts, emails, new messages during a period of 30 days and add a bookmark in all emails imported. Then just click the Start import button .

Step 6.  Finally, click OK and wait a few hours and can extend the total import deadline by up to two days. Ready!

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