It is possible to use Gmail and Yahoo right in Hotmail

09 Aug

After a progression of new highlights that Microsoft set up for Hotmail to advance this webmail benefit before Gmail, Hotmail clients would now be able to move letter drops or Gmail. Mail into your Hotmail account. About a termite.

Microsoft " purchases " weapons for Hotmail

Notwithstanding the capacity to append 10GB photographs in an email (an amazing number), Hotmail has as of late turned into an electronic email-customer program like Microsoft Outlook on the work area. This implies any email account from different administrations that help the POP convention can be incorporated into the same Hotmail account . Appropriately, clients just need to open Hotmail account can browse all the email from different records, for example, Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

Google likewise connected this "record" to Gmail through the " Add POP3 email account " work in the " Settings - Accounts and Import " area.

Step by step instructions to put Gmail and Yahoo Mail into Hotmail

Planning is basic. In this illustration, enter the test creator to import to Gmail account. Hence, you have to login to Gmail account first, in the Gmail post box, select Settings - Forwarding and POP/IMAP , in the POP Download area, select " Enable POP for mail that touches base from here on out " to begin the new email. from Gmail into Hotmail. Select " Save changes " to spare changes and leave the record.

Next, you have to sign in to your current Hotmail or Windows Live Mail account. On the off chance that you don't have a record then you can make here and can utilize this record for other online administrations, for example, SkyDrive, Live Photo ...

After logging in, click on " Options " in the upper right corner of the mailbox, select " More Options .. ". Here, you choose " Sending / receiving email from other accounts " to proceed to import mailbox accounts from other services into Hotmail.

In the " Add an email account " interface, enter the information in the sections after clicking on " Advanced Options " include:

- Email address : enter the email address you want to put in Hotmail. For example: 

- POP3 user name : enter the account name. In the example above: quantrimang

- Password : enter the corresponding email password.

- Incoming mail server : the email address of the service. If you need Gmail, enter Only Yahoo Mail Plus accounts have upgraded to pay for POP3.

If you use corporate email addresses like, you need to have an email address, usually in the form: or, to enter the email address. " Incoming mail server ".

After entering the full, you click " Next " and wait for the system to connect to the email account just entered. The setup hints will show, you just need to choose the appropriate email display is complete.

Now, when you compose the new email, note the " Send As " to choose the email account to send.

One trick to easier email management is to set up a filter to put all the e-mail from a Gmail account into one folder, avoiding confusion with Hotmail. (Select More Options - Rules for sorting new messages )

Limitations to note

With a free Windows Live Hotmail account, users can only enter up to four other email accounts into their Hotmail account. The second limitation is that each email from another email service that is included in the Hotmail account will have a maximum of 10MB and will increase to 35MB if a Hotmail account is upgraded.

Each time you check, you will only see the last 30 emails from other emails in Hotmail and every so often after 30 minutes. So, if there are 50 new messages, it takes up to 30 minutes to be summoned into your Hotmail account.

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