Learn about the Hotmail update for Android Wear

19 Jun

For some time Microsoft has been looking to be at the level of the technological environment looking to develop an application for smartwatchs and finally achieved through the Hotmail application or Outlook for Android Wear .

The truth is that these devices already had this application, however, as users were using the application they noticed certain flaws in the development of this, which was notified to Microsoft .

So we are talking about a reformulation for the Hotmail application or Outlook with which Microsoft hopes to give greater satisfaction to users.

Modifications of Hotmail or Outlook on Android Wear

Certainly internal changes were made to the email application to repair errors and bugs, but they also spent time improving the aesthetics of the application .

This improvement will allow to give the smart watch a series of colors to personalize it. The available colors are: white, yellow, red, blue and black, along with three other colors.

Also, this new update gives us the possibility to observe from the main screen of the smartwatch all the activities that we have scheduled in the Hotmail or Outlook calendar . There are several ways to visualize them, one of them is a text that runs along the edge of the clock screen. These notifications can be activated for upcoming activities or those in the future.

Final impressions about Hotmail or Outlook for Android Wear

The work that Microsoft carried out to improve this application was quite positive, so it managed to make Hotmail email  or Outlook for Android Wear a very good tool.

Despite having modified the aesthetic design of the application , they also focused on improving the performance of the system.

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