Your Hotmail and Outlook did not work? That's normal, they were in cabbage

10 May

SMS, like the angry news, followed by non-removable or non-emailed emails on the Internet. Free Internet Outlook has selected Hotmail users (20 years ago) and restored messages from the old MSN service. It is Europe related, and is probably a "node" of computing in Ireland. Observers of this evokes the second "thousands" inaccessible accounts, without higher accuracy. For Brave Cédric Braem (InternetVista), exactly traveling in Dublin, it seems "the most affected countries are the United Kingdom, France and ... Belgium." The issue then expanded to Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.
The source of the problem is still unclear, database user problems or hardware failures? According to Microsoft, the service has about 400 million active users. Bryssinck François, head of Brussels Megabyte computer company, made sure on Monday that "the problem does not affect Microsoft Office 365, but only free email."

The problem starts in the middle of the day. At Microsoft, we obviously have very close file tracking. Engineers in the United States confirm that some of their infrastructure is unresponsive for unknown reasons. Therefore, they redistributed the email to other servers to restore the service. The situation seems to improve early in the evening, with a gradual return to normal.

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